In the Patch


Each year we plant 50 000 to 100 000 strawberry plants that grow into the delicious strawberries the families of Sault Ste Marie love.


Our strawberry flowers start to bloom in late May, the flowers will than take about 4 weeks to develop and ripen into delicious strawberries.

Opening Week

Come experince opening week at Thomson! Depending on weather our season can start as early as mid June and as late as July 1st. keep an eye for this years opening day.

Picking Season

Our picking season at Thomsons is from late June until the first frost usually in late September early October.

Hurry! They're almost gone!

Last chance to get your fill of fresh strawberries! The cooler weather has begun to set in and the plants have stopped producing new flower buds.

Put To Bed

Picking has officially ended and strawberry renovation has begun and preparation for next years crops has started. During this period the strawberry plants are mowed down and proper nutrients are added to ensure healthy plants for next season.

Winter Slumber

The plants are now fully dormant for the upcoming winter. At this time we add 2-4" of straw to help protect the plants from the harsh winter weather.